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Cricket betting tips: What to consider before doing it!



Read on our cricket betting tips post! If you want to get started with cricket betting, you must check out these important facts and rules about the game:


Super-overs are not taken into account in any market, unless otherwise stated.


Penalty runs are not taken into account in any overs or tosses market (multiple overs markets are not taken into account in this rule).


If a match is cancelled before it has started, all markets will be considered void unless it restarts within 48 hours of the original start time. If the match results in a draw and the official rules of the competition do not determine a winner, or if they determine a winner by a coin toss or by drawing the name of the winner by lot, all undecided markets will be considered void. In the event that an over is not completed, all undecided markets on the same shall be considered void, unless the entries have reached their natural conclusion (e.g., captain's declaration, elimination of all players ["all out"], etc.). If markets remain open with an incorrect outcome that has a significant impact on prices, we reserve the right to void bets.


Twenty20 Cricket

All scheduled overs must be played for undecided markets to be priced unless the innings has reached its natural conclusion.


One-Day International (ODI) Cricket

For markets to be valued, at least 90% of all overs allocated to an innings must be played unless the innings has reached its natural conclusion.


Matches not played as scheduled

If the venue of a match changes, bets already placed will stand as long as the home team is still designated as the home team. If the roles of home and away team are reversed for one of the designated matches, bets placed on the basis of the original designation will be void.


Match betting

In Twenty20 cricket, bets on matches affected by adverse weather conditions will be governed by the official rules of the competition. If no price is quoted for a draw and the official competition rules determine that there is a winner or team going ahead, bets will be settled on the official result. If a match is abandoned due to external factors, bets will be void unless a winner is declared based on the official competition rules. In the event of a change of opponent with respect to the announced match, bets on that match will be void.


Races at stake in the first "X" overs

If the selected number of overs is not completed due to external factors, bets will be void, unless their value has already been determined.


If the normal length of the innings is less than the selected number of overs (e.g. if a team suffers an all-out in less than the selected overs or reaches its target), bets will stand.


Team to get the highest scoring over

If neither team completes the set number of overs due to external factors or adverse weather conditions, bets will be void (unless the rating has already been determined). In the event of a tie, bets will be void.


Best hitter of the team

In a 2-inning game (test matches or county championship), this market applies to the first innings only, unless otherwise specified.