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How to bet on Cricket and increasing cricket betting odds



Cricket is an extremely popular sport in the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, the West Indies, Australia, and in general all the countries of the British Commonwealth. Although it does not enjoy the same popularity in the rest of Europe or the United States, it is always popular among bettors, especially those who prefer exchanges. A registration with Orbit Exchange will give you access to the best odds and highest limits available for the sport.


That said, it is imperative that you understand what you are seeing when acquiring the necessary access. Different types of bets will have odds for different outcomes, and it is essential for a bettor to be able to navigate the windows.Let's start with the markets with good odds. Cricket is usually represented by the following:


Match betting.

Match betting is the simplest and most straightforward betting there are only three options: home team wins, away team wins or the result is a draw is a draw. For newcomers to the sport, this is the best option.


 Completed Match

Although relatively easy, this market is usually only seen in cricket and is valid only for one-day matches. It asks for prediction on whether the match will be completed on that particular day or not. For example if the weather is stormy and the match is likely to be delayed or even postponed, this is an easy bet to make.


 Races per entry

A very basic bet in which a bettor attempts to predict the number of runs scored by a team in a particular inning.


Best Pitcher

In this market, the bettor tries to predict the name of the bowler who will take the most wickets in a match (or series/championship).


Best Batter

Similar to the previous one. Here the prediction is on the batsman who will score the most runs in a single match, series or tournament. There are also several sub-markets such as the leading hitter away from home, the leading hitter of the game, or the leading hitter at home.




Pitcher / Batsman match betting Here bettors try to predict which pitcher or batsman will score the most wickets or runs respectively. The pairings are pre-selected.Tournament or / Series Winner.

Which side will win the series or tournament outright.



Over/Under Scoring

This is the classic over/under bet in which the total number of runs scored by the two teams will be above or below the limit presented.


Method of Ejection

There are multiple ways in which a batter can be thrown out in a game. You will bet on which way it will be for either batter.


 Draw Combination

Here the lay is not only which team will win the toss, but also which batting or bowling will be chosen.


Now that you possess the basic knowledge required, it is time to open a betting account with a bookie and have loads of fun.


It would be wise to examine the rules and regulations of the sport to better understand the nuances and details of the game. What happens during a soccer or basketball game, even volleyball, is more or less known to the vast majority of sports fans. A cricket event may not be as easy to decipher without a greater knowledge of what the players on the field are supposed to actually do, or how runs are scored.