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Overview of Women's Cricket

Overview of Women's Cricket

On July 26, 1745, 11 Bramley and Hambledon maids competed in the inaugural game of women's cricket. They were all wearing white. Like most men in the game, the girls ran, bowled, and batted. Women's cricket matches between Hampshire, Sussex, and Surrey villages have been documented in the past. Some matches pitted single women against their married counterparts in front of sizable crowds and active betting.


At Ball's Pond in Middlesex, Hampshire and Surrey played in the first county game. Ages of the participants ranged from 14 to 60. To prevent being caught in her skirts, Christina Willes, the sister of John Willes, invented the round arm bowling motion in the early 19th century.


The White Heather Club, the first women's cricket team, was founded in Yorkshire's Nun Appleton in 1887. In 1890, the original English Lady Cricketer's team visited England and competed in a series of lucrative exhibition games before big audiences. In the year 1926, the Women's Cricket Association was founded. England's team competed in a match against The Rest in Leicester in 1933. In December 1934, England and Australia played the first Women's Test match. This was also England's first trip abroad to Australia. After winning two games and drawing one, England traveled to New Zealand, where Betty Snowball scored 189 in the opening test match in Christchurch. The Australian Association and the Victoria Women's Cricket Association were founded in 1905 and 1931, respectively. In southern Tasmania, a women's league was established in 1894. Lily Poulett-Harris, a young teacher, organized and led the Oyster Cove squad.


The International Women's Cricket Council was established in 1958 to coordinate the sport of cricket, which is routinely played in England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Test matches are being played between nations like Australia, England, India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies. 131 women's Test matches have been played since the sport began, primarily between England and Australia. Prior to 1985, it was often played for three days, but now it typically lasts for four. Australia has played 67 Test matches since 1934, winning 18, losing 9, and drawing 40 of them. The highest total by Australia against England was 569 for six declared. England played 87 Test matches, winning 19, losing 11, and drawing 57. Pakistan's Kiran Baluch leads all scorers with 242 runs versus the West Indies. The first male or female player to have a century and 10 wickets in a Test Match was Betty Wilson.

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