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Since I've been working with the team frequently, I didn't feel any pressure: Kuldeep

The last Test Kuldeep Yadav played was 22 months ago. He has spun his way back to notice and success now that he has rejoined the Test family.

Kuldeep once more demonstrated on the third day of the Chattogram Test how his success is being aided by the increased tempo of his deliveries. The left-arm legspinner recorded 5 for 40, the best figures of his career and the greatest by an Indian spinner in Bangladesh.

After the third day of play, Kuldeep stated, "I wasn't thinking much about not having played for so long. "Yes, it is different if you haven't participated in any kind of structure or spent any time with the team. But there is less pressure if you have played in some format before. Because I've been with the team frequently, I didn't experience that level of pressure. Although it had been two years on paper, it didn't feel like I was playing after that long."

Playing Test cricket after such a lengthy break made Kuldeep "nervous," but he was able to find his groove very easily.

Since my injury, I have been playing regularly in white-ball. I have bowled long stretches in between playing red ball for India A," he claimed. "In general, I don't have any trouble switching from a white ball to a red ball when I'm bowling. Yes, I was anxious to play again after such a long break, but not as much because of the performance. In Test cricket, you need a lot of control and the field locations are radically different. Even though it made me a little anxious, I was pleased with the performance.

"In Test cricket, control is a must. Defensive fields are possible in white-ball cricket, and batsmen approach the game differently. Because the batters in Test cricket have a lot of time to relax and wait for the loose ball, you must take the wickets. The difficulty lies there. Batters must be set up. You must constantly bowl in the same location."

Kuldeep also discussed his batting, which assisted India in going over 400 in the opening innings.

"I've always given my batting a lot of effort. "Even in white-ball cricket," he added. "My hitting has always been strong with red ball. I've made a few first-class cricket runs. I had faith that I could remain at the wicket. The first five to ten balls are usually nerve-wracking, but after that it gets much simpler. I am utterly pleased with how I performed. The squad benefited from my 40 runs even though I fell short of the fifty. We got us to within 90 runs of 400 with that stand with Ash bhai.

"I think it was the ideal pitch for batting. I batted for 20 overs, and the surface was excellent. Likewise against spinners. Sometimes, it's just keeping low; the odd ball is starting to turn. The wicket, in my opinion, has not changed. There will probably be additional turns on day four. We anticipate a greater turn."


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