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What kind of ODI stocks does India have as they prepare for the 2023 World Cup?

What kind of ODI stocks does India have as they prepare for the 2023 World Cup?

With the twin T20 World Cups dominating the spotlight for the majority of the last three years, ODI cricket was relegated to the background, but with the ODI World Cup less than a year away, it has returned to the forefront. India has played 42 ODIs since the 2019 tournament, including 21 of them in 2022 alone. They still have 18 bilateral ODIs and an Asia Cup left to determine their top 15.


 While several of the incumbents were occupied with T20 duties, a few peripheral players seized the chance to stake claims by seizing the initiative. Following the 2019 World Cup, India has tested 46 players overall, including up to 22 debutants. As we look at who is competing for the coveted berths, the series against Bangladesh will see an almost full strength India team launching the path to the 2023 World Cup.


Top order

Incumbents: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan & Virat Kohli

The Rohit, Shikhar, and Kohli trio was the backbone of India's batting order during the previous World Cup, but they have only been together in 12 of the 42 ODIs since then. In the Powerplay before the last World Cup cycle, India was one of the more cautious batting teams, scoring 4.89 runs in the first 10 overs. In the first ten overs of the ODIs following the 2019 World Cup, they have been scoring at 5.37 per over, but when Rohit, Dhawan, and Kohli bat in the top three, the rate drops to 4.96, which isn't much different from what it was during the previous cycle.

The recent batch of white Kookaburra balls has been swinging more upfront in the last 18 months or so, which is highlighted by the fact that teams are averaging 29.14 and 28.05 in the first ten overs of ODIs in 2021 and 2022, the two years with the lowest averages since 2010. The conservative approach might not be completely obsolete. We may anticipate that the pitches for the World Cup the following year will give something for the bowlers early on, if recent ICC events are anything to take notes from.

Dhawan has played in the majority of India's ODIs since the 2019 World Cup (34) but a century has escaped him during this time, and he is the only batter with a strike rate below 90 among those with at least 10 innings (82.43). Dhawan's strike rate dips to under 76 in the first 10 overs, which is poor compared to the likes of Rohit (88.18), Shubman Gill (90.33), and Prithvi Shaw (116.78). While Prithvi Shaw has amassed a ton of runs on the domestic circuit with an astounding strike rate, India doesn't need to look further than Shaw should they require a more reckless approach upfront. Gill has emerged as the leading backup contender for any of the top three berths.

Middle order

Incumbents: Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant & KL Rahul

If India's weak spot in the previous World Cup was a nonexistent middle order, they have several problems this time around. With an average of 50.75 and a strike rate of 98.54 over the last three years, Shreyas Iyer has been India's middle order batting staple. Many thought he could have been the #4 in England in 2019. Despite his struggles with the short ball, the middle order benefits from his consistency (13 fifty-plus scores in 27 innings), aggressive game against spin (SR 104.22), and ability to accelerate at the end (SR 141.60). Iyer, though, has previously been in contention for a number of World Cups across formats, only to lose out to the big winner in the last round.

KL Rahul began out as the #4 in the last World Cup, but due to Dhawan's injury, he was moved up the lineup in the middle of the competition. Since then, the plot has stayed the same as he has alternated between the top and middle orders based on Rohit and Dhawan's availability. He has excelled in his few opportunities to bat in the middle order, averaging 67 with two centuries and a strike rate of 109.23; however, it's important to note that his strike rate in death overs was 163.50.


Cricket Betting 


What are the most effective betting tactics for cricket?

1. Research teams and players - Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, you must desire to benefit from the cricket markets that are accessible for betting online. In this regard, you must unquestionably invest time in analyzing the performance of teams and players. Before taking any risk, it is always vital to understand the situation.


2. Select single bets and individual matches: Since some tournaments will provide 12 different bet types, it will be simpler for you to make a decision if you concentrate on those kinds of matches (test series, ODI). However, there is a chance of a draw in some test matches and national championships, so you must consider that


3. Take into account team-specific wagers. There are various ways to wager on cricket-related events; you should take into account the following forms of wagers: Combination pitch, winning pitch First inning score, match score, over/under score, team inning runs, series score, odd or even run scores, Associations, Four of the six games were sold out, with the first 15 being the most.


4. Bet Live - There are many betting alternatives available on running markets, including more thrilling possibilities like bat runs, next ball runs, and layoffs.

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