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While the strategies focused beneath can be finished to the world’s top cricket tournaments, bear in mind that they depend on tremendous preconditions as a manner to be effective. We have left out tremendous cricket making a bet strategies that we deem relatively volatile and unscientific, as they'll very well result in more losses than winnings.


NOTE: The beneath can't best be used as IPL making a bet strategies too, but moreover be finished outside of cricket on exceptional sports activities.


Dogon Strategy

Flat Betting Strategy

‘Percentage of Bank' Betting Strategy

Oscar's Grind

Ladder System

Danish System

Kelly Criterion Betting Strategy



This Dogon technique is simplest mathematical, and is more well-known among newbies.

It is based totally absolutely on the principle of ‘playing catch-up’, in which you double the stakes at every step to offset all losses incurred withinside the previous rounds. You preserve with this until you’ve recovered what you had out of place with the start bet, plus earned planned profits.

Please recollect that Dogon is an essential cricket making a bet technique which could keep you in incredible stead withinside the quick term, but if used recklessly, it could reason economic damage withinside the future. That’s because of the reality the technique is reliant on perfect conditions and at the concept that a bettor’s bankroll is infinite, which we apprehend is untrue.


Below is an example:


Round#1: You bet ₹100; lose

Round#2: You bet ₹200; lose

Round#three: You bet ₹400; lose

Round #four: You bet ₹800; win

Here, we bet a entire of ₹1,500 over four rounds and turn out to be with a profits of ₹100, which is essentially what we began with. Note that we might’ve registered the equal profits had we won the bet at any of the earlier steps. This is what the Dogon cricket making a bet technique is all about: with every subsequent bet, you attempt to offset all previous losses, and earn a profits equal to the start stake.



How are you capable of boom your opportunities of triumphing your cricket bets as a novice? The answer is flat making a bet: a cricket making a bet technique that’s easy, mathematical, and geared to art work for punters who’re nevertheless finding out the waters.

The principle behind ‘flat’ bets is that every stake is truely properly really well worth the equal amount, regardless of how many wagers you place.

If you’re threat-averse, it’s great to go with a small flat bet.

Flat making a bet is the proper cricket making a bet technique for minimising threat and ensuring you don’t considerably erode your bankroll over time.