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Cricket fans are aware that the Stanford Millions might revolutionize the game in a way that was unthinkable five years ago. An invitational game between a team of Caribbean Super Stars and an England Xl is scheduled to be played in Antigua on November 1st, and Texas billionaire Alan Stanford's offer promises a million dollars for each player on the winning team; there will be no money awarded to the losing team. Stanford's offer is a component of his proposal to the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to create a domestic equivalent of the Indian Premier League of Cricket, which has attracted players from all over the world on extremely expensive contracts. Stanford is willing to invest billions in the project, but the ECB's hurried judgments could make it fail.


Cricket has entered the real world of business and media thanks to the 20/20 game, which has also piqued the curiosity of a previously uninterested audience. It is understandable why; the game's violent, bloody approach is so thrilling that even the most diehard cricket haters have become fascinated. Even though the game is still in its infancy, domestic and international 20/20 matchups are typically sold out well in advance. With flexibility in mind to maybe allow teams made up of City's and Franchises, Stanford wants the ECB to organize its own version of the IPL based on the current County system. Although the ECB already sponsors its own 20/20 League and 20/20 Knockout Cup, Stanford's financial support would provide the players with advantages that even they could only have imagined a year ago. The question of whether a county or test match player would rather play for a million pounds a year in front of boisterous, ecstatic audiences or for pennies in a half-empty county ground could very well be the deciding factor.


There are many who believe that test cricket betting doesn’t need to suffer because all forms of the game may still be accommodated. This is unquestionably the case, if test cricket can be made financially feasible by the International Cricket Board (ICC) and that the counties and franchises first make that contractually acceptable for the players. For most players, there is only one response when asked whether they would prefer to play for England in a test match at Lords for a modest price or a 20/20 game on a Wednesday night at the Rose Bowl for a million pounds a year. The ECB and ICC should think this through carefully!

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