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Unstable conditions at home triumph over LSG

Three home games with three different playing environments. KL Rahul would have anticipated a little more stability at the location when he stated at the beginning of the season that he wants to turn Lucknow into a "fortress." But almost halfway through their home season, Lucknow Super Giants have failed to discover a surefire recipe for success.

The first match against the Delhi Capitals was played in a dewy area, which helped the ball skid on and better come onto the bat. While Mark Wood, who returned a five-wicket haul, did not find the pitch to be "tricky," Kyle Mayers, who had hit 73 off 38, did. Sunrisers Hyderabad arrived around five days later and met low-slow and lots of turn. Rahul's leadership style reflected his expectations for a pitch on dark soil. As a result, Krunal Pandya bowled two overs during the PowerPlay, and by the 14th over, Ravi Bishnoi had completed all of his allotted overs.

Bishnoi entered the game to bowl against Punjab Kings on Saturday (April 15) as late as the 15th over. You may debate why he wasn't involved in the attack earlier, but it's also true that Lucknow's conditions required a radically different dynamic for the third time in a row. It was a red-soil pitch, just like in the first game, but the lack of dew and the location of the pitch on the square added to the difficulty. Despite everything that was on exhibit, Punjab Kings showed a far greater awareness of the circumstances than the home side.

For this game, there was little to no dew present, which brought out the two-pace character of the course. Additionally, PBKS has much superior examples of change of pace in Sam Curran and Arshdeep Singh. On the penultimate over, Rahul did lose to a knuckle ball from Arshdeep. Also, consider the fact that two of Curran's three dismissals that evening came off slower pitches. Although LSG had Mark Wood and Yudhvir Singh Charak bowling at higher miles per hour, it wasn't the ideal option for the available conditions. Avesh Khan, the lone bowler for LSG who might have made a difference, doesn't appear to have the pace or the variations this year.

Then there was the insignificant issue of the pitch's location. Bowling to one side of the wicket was crucial because they were on one side of the square. As they attempted to clear the longer portion of the ground, Rahul and Mayers both camped out. And when Rabada had to deal with two left-handed batsmen whose hitting arcs were closer to the ground, he bowled wide of off stump. Fortunately, he found an ally in Shahrukh Khan, who made up for Rabada's lack of agility with two stunning catches.

Harpreet Brar said after the game, "I didn't mind getting hit for a six over the longer boundaries." The strategy called for inviting him—Kyle Mayers—to deliver powerful blows to the longer part of the ground. He was unable to break free of the ropes, and that's what happened."

Same strategy was used in the run-chase in the 13th over that may have perhaps reversed the tide of the game; but, this time the batter prevailed. Sikander Raza struck Krunal Pandya with six, six, and four consecutive balls, all to the shorter leg-side. Yudhvir was forced to scramble on the ropes to stop the ball with such desperation that he developed cramps and was unable to bowl the final over.

"While you're playing on another pitch, you can't depend on past games so we are accepting it as it comes," Rahul told IPL telecasters at the post-match show. " evaluating it as it arises to determine the par total. In the event that a couple of folks get rolling, we can get that 180-190 imprint like Mayers and Pooran played well in that DC game, however sadly today a couple of hitters got found out on the limit lines. The score could have been different if they went over."

Rahul figured that LSG were 10 runs low however batting hasn't been an issue for them this season. It's determining when the team might require those additional ten runs. And the tumultuous circumstances at home are definitely not making that part any easier.

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