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IPL betting: Tips and tricks


Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and betting on cricket has been around for a long time. That is why every year, thousands of bettors flock to the best online and offline bookmakers to bet on cricket. With IPL, since international players are involved, bettors from all over the world participate in IPL betting for a chance to win big. Here is everything you need to know about betting on the Indian Premier League.


What is the Indian Premier League?

The Indian Premier League is a top-tier men's professional cricket league that plays matches in the Twenty20 format. The league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007. The IPL league generally takes place around March every year and around 10 teams participate in it. IPL is the most watched cricket league worldwide and, to date, there have been a total of 14 seasons of the league.


The reason for its popularity is the inclusion of top international players in the league which attracts an international audience. At its inception, the league had 6 teams which later increased to 8 in 2010 during its fourth season.


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What is the IPL format?

With the 8-team format, in the league stage, each team played each other twice in the round-robin all-against-all format. After the completion of the league stage, the top four teams would qualify for the playoffs.


After the playoffs, the top two teams would play against each other, with the winner reaching the final, while the runners-up would have another chance to reach the final by playing the second qualifying match.


Prior to the second qualifying match, the third and fourth place teams play against each other. The winner then plays the runners-up in the second qualifying match. Whoever wins the second qualifying match will have the opportunity to play in the final.


Since the addition of two new teams in the 2022 series, the format has changed a bit. Instead of 2 groups of four in the league phase, there will be 2 groups of five. The rest of the format remains the same, with the playoffs consisting of the top four teams.


IPL points and retention rules

Each team receives two points for winning a match in the league stage, while losing teams do not get any points. In case of a tie, both teams get 1 point. At the end of the league stage, the four highest scoring teams advance to the group stage.


The same rules apply to the group stage, and the two teams with the most points advance to the first qualifying round while the 3rd and 4th highest points play the knockout stage.


Apart from that, the league has a specific player retention system that determines the proportion of international players in the league. Each team must keep at least three Indian players and two foreign players, with total retentions not to exceed four.


Top teams playing in the IPL

Almost every team in IPL has experienced players, but some teams outshine the rest. Take a look at the best teams in IPL that will make it easy for you to place winning bets.


Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings has been one of the best teams in IPL since its inception. The team has won the IPL title four times and has the highest winning percentages among all the teams. Not only that, but they also hold the record for the most playoff and finals appearances. Apart from that, they have also won the Champions League Twenty20 twice.


Currently, they are the defending champions; however, their bowling attack seems to have weakened after the departure of Deepak Chahar. But they have successfully retained most of their original squad, so the team looks promising.