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Rohit Sharma: Players from ousted IPL teams could be in the UK early to prepare for the WTC final

Rohit Sharma, the captain, said on Monday that Indian Test players who are not participating in the IPL 2023 playoffs may travel to the UK sooner than the others to start getting ready for the World Test Championship Final (March 13). With the upcoming IPL season continuing till May 28, India, who will meet Australia in the summit match at The Oval from June 7, faces a difficult scheduling conflict.

IPL 2023's league stage will end on May 21, 16 days before the commencement of the championship match, and players from eliminated franchises may be sent over immediately after as a way to help them become more familiar with the playing environment. "I don't believe it will be a major issue, but you know, I do believe in preparation, and when it comes to the finals, preparation will be essential for us. Six clubs may fall out of the IPL playoff picture around May 21. If any players are available, we will make every effort to bring them to the UK as soon as we can, give them some time, and keep as close an eye on the situation as we can "added Rohit.

With the exception of Cheteshwar Pujara, the rest of India's likely final roster will participate in the IPL beginning on March 31. The current injury issues involving the Indian team (Jasprit Bumrah, Ravindra Jadeja, Shreyas Iyer, and Rishabh Pant), as well as the T20 tournament's return to a home-away structure mandating a lot of inter-city travel, would make player workloads significantly more important. The Indian captain stated that controlling these issues will be just as important as getting ready for the in-game details, such as practicing with the Dukes ball that will be used in England.

Rohit added, "Look, I believe it's extremely important for us. We're going to stay in touch with all of the guys who will play in that final, monitor their workload, and see what's going on with them. In fact, "we are sending some Dukes Balls to all fast bowlers and see if they get some time to bowl with that, but again, it all depends on individuals," the fast bowlers said. "Guys who will be part of finals are not the guys who have not played in UK and may be one or two guys here and there, and rest all of us have played in that part of the world."

Rohit, whose team defeated Australia for the fourth time in a row in the Test series, stated that neutral conditions in England would produce a very different game between these two teams in conditions that will not be unfamiliar to either team. Steve Smith, his counterpart in Ahmedabad, was willing to elaborate a little more on the circumstances one should anticipate at The Oval in the beginning of June.

"It will be fantastic to face India in the final. Smith stated, "The Oval's wicket can take spin at times, especially as the game progresses." Therefore, it might be interesting to see what kind of wicket we get. However, it's a great spot for cricket. For an English wicket, there is typically a reasonable amount of bounce and pace. In terms of speed and bounce, it probably comes as close to Australia as you can possibly get. Yes, it will be an excellent Test match, and the players are anticipating it.

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