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In 50 overs, we can't immediately play in T20 mode: Iyer, Shreyas

In 50 overs, we can't immediately play in T20 mode: Iyer, Shreyas

With a crushing victory over India in the opening ODI on Friday, New Zealand overcame its loss in the T20I series (November 25). After being put into bat, India amassed nearly 300 owing to a few fifty-plus scores. The visitors lost the game when Tom Latham scored a scorching hundred runs in reply for New Zealand. Shreyas Iyer, who contributed significantly to India's innings, clarified India's problems.

The hosts finished it off with a few overs to spare, but the Mumbai dasher was pleased with the score India posted. In the press conference, he added, "Reaching 307 from the position that we were in was a commendable effort. "Few things went against us. We are on a learning curve and maybe we can reflect and return with fresh perspectives, "Added he.

There have been whispers in the background regarding India's cautious attitude in the first stages of white ball cricket. As a result, when asked if he thought T20s and one-day cricket were related, he responded, "Because there is more time, we cannot immediately begin playing in the T20 format in fifty overs. Looking at the wicket and calculating what a par score would be in one's head are two ways to plan one's batting. One must adjust. Sometimes, fifty overs can change. You never know how the wicket will perform because there can be a sunset one day and dew the next."

The middle-order hitter praised Tom Latham and Kane Williamson for their approach to the chase and offered them credit for it. "They performed outstanding knocks. They were aware of which bowlers to hit. I believe that Latham's takeoff in that over completely altered the momentum in their favor. He desired to join and strengthen that alliance. They have been playing together for so long that I'm confident they have a good understanding of each other's skills and shortcomings. I think their partnership significantly altered the game's dynamics, and that phase was important for us to secure the wicket. If we had secured just one wicket, the game would have been over and everything would have been different."

Iyer added that he isn't planning too far ahead and that he wants to keep up his condition. "Always be hopeful in your approach. I dislike planning too far in advance. Training is the thing I can control. Despite the back-to-back games, I want to be in good shape. I aim to consistently deliver. I want to be in the here and now. The key is consistency; the players will come and go."

Iyer did say, before concluding, that they could have done better to control New Zealand but were unable to. "We discovered that we could have increased the pressure after getting the wicket. However, given how Latham started off, we might have some attacking fielders. More pressure may have been applied. Then then, there is a learning curve. Maintaining the same level of effort for the entire fifty overs is difficult. When their partnership reached 200, we really slowed down. Additionally, the ground was soft."

The teams will take a day off before their next match. New Zealand will want to capitalize on the momentum, whilst India would require a rapid repair.


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