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Increase in Cricket

1. Reorganize the present test teams


The standard of the existing test teams needs to be raised before cricket can progress. Teams like England and the West Indies must compete better. Here are a few ideas:


Bring cricket to the classrooms and universities.

There should be more cricket competitions.

Telecasts of cricket ought should be available for free.

To pique the public's interest, short variants of the sport-like twenty20 should be played.

enhancing cricket fields and stadiums.

Boost the domestic competition's level of competition.


encouraging native Americans, including African Americans, Australians, and Maoris, to play for the national team.


2. Reorganizing the present ODI teams


The current ODI status teams only participating in world cups is demoralizing. With such a discriminatory strategy, new teams would never advance. Permanent ODI status should be granted to countries like Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Scotland, Namibia, and Holland, and official tournaments should be held between them and the three worst-ranked test teams. To encourage young people, a 35-year-old age restriction should be put in place.


Test Status ought to be granted to Kenya.


3. League Structure


Test and ODI teams should be divided into five-team groupings. Grp A will have the top 5. then 5 B, and so forth. Only teams from the same group and groups next to it are permitted to play against each other. group A cannot play group c teams, for instance. [Excluding Tests and World Cups] The groups are reorganized each year.


4. Boost the caliber of incoming teams


International tournaments should be created to make sure that ODI debutants get exposure to international cricket before their debut. This is what has to be done.


There should be two annual international competitions. Each nation should have two teams chosen. A mixed bag made up of the top players from the other teams and the squad that won the domestic competition are the first and second options. This would provide aspiring athletes with the necessary global exposure. Venues changed every year.

There should be an additional domestic competition. In ODI and test matches, at least 3 international teams and 5 domestic teams with the greatest players compete. Any nation with ODI status may take part.

The following nations on the tour offer lessons for teams looking to better their game:

India and Australia are batting

Spin bowling: Sri Lanka and India

Australian and South African fast bowling

England and New Zealand play seam bowling.


For teams to gain ODI and test status, the ICC must have a defined procedure in place. It ought to act in this manner.

Local boards should make sure:


In schools, a cricket education program is implemented.

Cricket gear is easily accessible.

There are suitable playing fields available.

On radio and free-to-air TV, international matches are broadcast.

a website that is regularly updated by the national cricket body.

Teams should: in order to obtain permanent ODI status:


Become the ICC Associate World Cup's 1, 2, or 3 seed.

Have at least one stadium that is accredited (C grade; see below for gradings).

note 4 above.

Teams who want Test Status should:

Impose a five-year waiting period following ODI status.

Ideally, a B-grade stadium

visited every test-playing country and participated in first-class matches there.

won at least ten ODIs against Test-playing nations.


5. The introduction of modern technology


I believe that cricket should adopt technology. Cricket requires this.


Visor cameras

Tracking technologies used to make LBW choices.

Cameras with a high frame rate are used to monitor run-outs and stumpings.

Utilizing lasers to support tactical decisions.

Sensors in the bails and the boundary rope are used to assess whether a batsman has been out or has struck a four.

Decision-making regarding close catches is done using a stump microphone.

Players that repeatedly break the rules can be removed from the game using yellow and red cards.

'Eye-Vision' technology is used to improve TV viewing.

Utilization of "True Track" technology to provide the ball's travel distance in yards (6's)

The infield and outfield are painted using biodegradable paint.


6. The ICC online


Obtain domains with the extensions,.org, etc.

The website has comprehensive information, including player and team statistics, recent news, player biographies, information on How the sport is played, links to national boards, online match telecasts, history, facts and statistics, rankings, etc.

Software should be provided to compute the Duckworth Lewis results.

Use modern programming languages for websites, such as XML, SQL, ASP, etc.

Creating bulletin boards and blogs.

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